Megan Nielsen - Hovea

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Megan Nielsen - Hovea

Sizing: 0-20

Skill: 2/5 

Fabric: Light to medium weight fabrics such as cotton, linen, chambray, blends, etc. are recommended for the quilted versions B, D and F. Avoid thick fabrics or these versions can become bulky. 

Medium weight fabrics such as linens, cottons, etc. or medium to heavy weight coating fabrics such boiled, felted, or suiting wool are recommended for these views A, C and E.

Prequilted fabrics are suitable for all views.


Hovea is a loose fit drop shoulder jacket and coat. Pattern Features multiple length; deep angled feature pocket; unlined, full lining or quilted options; and belt or tie closures.

View A is a mid length unlined jacket with collar band. View B is a mid length quilted jacket with binding. View C is a lined coat with collar band and belt. View D is a quilted coat with binding. View E is an unlined cropped jacket with collar band. View F is a quilted cropped jacket with binding. 

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